GroundCharred Poplar, 2023
Cabinet making is a cornerstone of traditional handcraft woodworking, demanding the craftsman's utmost attention creating flawless joineries. 

My inspiration for Ground comes from ancient stone monuments - dolmens - known for their simple yet powerful structural systems that consist of two or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal slab. Ground, this monolithic cabinet, mirrors the dolmens’ robust simplicity and moves away from the conventional emphasis on perfect joinery.

At the center of Ground, there is a drawer with a chisel silhouette, symbolizing the celebration of craft through the tool rather than the craftsmanship. This approach humorously subverts the conventional utility driven storage furniture. This design choice is a homage to the craft itself. The cabinet stands not just a piece of furniture but an artistic statement, a tribute to the solitary chisel, which is symbolic of the entire making process. The cabinet is finished with a charred surface both as a protective layer, and to emphasize the timelessness of the dolmens.

Ground belongs to the Monolith Program collection.

©Yining Ge