LapseCharred Poplar, 2024
Our ability to define foreign barricades sen- sibility and approachability.

In the mosaic world, scale loses its grip. Sky’s the limit.

The vast difference in scale between human beings and the monolithic structures is profound. Whether it evokes fear or awe, a river of unfamiliarity flows. Physical distancing distorts our sense of scale, casting ambiguity over our perception of surroundings. 

However, when we shift our gaze away from the scale onto the form, we find the geometry is simple and universal.

Lapse’s form derives from the orchard ladder, a relic fading from memory. Traditional wooden orchard ladders are vanishing, replaced by industrial manufactured metal ladders that have advantage in safety and convenience. Lapse emerges to bridge modernity and tradition, revealing an approachability honoring both.

In the form of a ladder, Lapse is a wall-mounted sculptural shelf. The design aims to capture the disappearing orchard ladder, evoking a sense of reminiscence. Lapse is a vessel of memory, a bridge between eras, blending the rustic charm of the past with the sleek efficiency of the present.

Lapse belongs to the Monolith Program collection.

©Yining Ge