RhythmPoplar, 2024
Rhythm emerges as a segway from my exploration of sugi-ban. Functioning as a vanity cabinet, Rhythm embodies my affection for end grain, a beauty obscured in my previous objects.

Instead of using burning as a technique once highlighted the visual climax of the soft and hard wooden fiber, I experimented with sandblasting.Due to the varied density of the wooden fiber, sandblasting removes more soft fiber than higher density wooden fiber, revealing a higher contrast of the wood grain pattern.

The making process was accompanied with serendipitous discoveries. Cabinet is a most cherished and admired type of furniture. Poplar is universally considered a cheaper, less finished, and model making species. In a way, this poplar vanity cabinet is glorifying the material that is otherwise less valued. The contrasting colors of the fibers creates an attractive tapestry compelling me to forsake the familiar methods of burning and inking. This revelation is a gift that only poplar can give.

Rhythm belongs to the Monolith Program collection.

©Yining Ge